The functions of diplomacy

The functions of diplomacy are:

– Communication: Transmission of important national information, intentions, and persuasion. Indeed, diplomacy is used in order for a government to convey, in a persuasive way, its view to another one. In doing so, the official figure of the government tries with insistence to convince the other government to cat in a way that reflects the expressed interests. For example, “oral and written communications, either delivered directly or through public statements, can be good diplomatic strategy. Washington has repeatedly assured Beijing that United States policy does not favor an independent Taiwan and will not support an unilateral Taiwanese declaration of Independence,” (Rourke, p.270).
– Advocacy: Diplomacy is also a tool for advocacy. It allows a government, via its diplomat, to create cultural and political playground to promote its vision and values. For example the exchange program of The United States manages by the Office of Cultural Affaires has been helping people from different countries to visit America, and to have a better understanding of the democratic values.
– Negotiation: Diplomacy is an important instrument of negotiation to conciliate divergent point of views or divergent political tendencies. For example, he effort to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program had been concluded through a multilateral form of diplomacy. Indeed, a “six party talk hosted by China, and also include Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, and the United States,” (Rourke, p.263) had provided great results. With the growth of new technology, it is easier to maintain contact among countries and to persuade them to be implied in Multilateral Diplomacy.


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